(Free)Dive To Be Alive

(Free)Dive To Be Alive

Diving keeps you alive, and you don’t become a zombie in the mind controlled world in which we live in.’ … claims Hayward Coleman, a 70 years old yogi master.

The philosophy for Liquid Life Freediving isn’t about freediving being an adrenaline sport, it’s not about self aggrandizement, it’s not about competition.

Living the Liquid Life is a philosophy of discovering ones self. It is to accept each present moment as if you chose it, a practice I try to be mindful of in my own life – and one that will be a primary principle in the freedive courses I’ll be teaching.

Dive To Be Alive – Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask is a production company I’ve been following of late given my professional background in photography, filmmaking and multimedia storytelling.

Although much of this video showcases scuba diving, the theme of this video, I felt, is an ideal way to introduce the mission, the philosophy of Living the Liquid Life as a freediver.

Whether you ascribe to a spiritual belief system or not, in my case it’s a secular spiritual belief system, there is a moment where you discover something about yourself as a freediver. The minimalism of the equipment, the breath hold training that teaches you about being mindfully uncomfortable and yet being at peace at the same time – a technique that I’ve come to discover that translates over to the often times experience known as the uncomfortably of life.

It’s my opinion we are in this existence to explore what it means to be human – both internally and externally. How do we navigate the ever increasing frenetic pace that our 21st century technologically driven society imposes on us more and more?

In my personal experience, it’s about slowing down. It’s about contemplating what’s truly important. To define what kind of life do you want to say you lived at the end of your days?

This is the essence… the purity of purpose of freediving.

Maybe a little to deep for most to contemplate this, but the sobering fact remains: We are not getting out of this life alive.

So I ask you: How do you want to spend your life?

For me, it’s Living the Liquid Life as a freediver.