Living The Liquid Life

Living The Liquid Life

It’s my hope that this blog… this journal… will be an inspiration to those looking for a different way of seeing and participating in freediving.

I’ll be writing about more than freediving itself.

My plan is to target those interested in learning to freedive safely who want a more well rounded experience.  The cores of which are freediving itself, meditation, yoga, nutritional advice and combining all those aspects as the mechanism for visually telling stories about our ocean planet.

Climate Change is real.  How can we do our part to get those stories out there with as little impact on the planet in a sustainable way?  Freediving is a perfect way when blowing bubbles becomes more of a burden than an asset.

I have no idea what may come of this, but it’s something I’ve given a great deal of thought to over the past few years and it feels like the time is right to make this happen now.

Welcome to Liquid Life Freediving.

Living The Liquid Life

“To live the liquid life is to experience the rehabilitation of our bodies and minds as they evolve in the underwater world by not using any form of mechanical breathing apparatus – this is the essence, the purity of purpose of freediving”

Liquid Life Freediving is for those adventure seekers who have a strong passion in preserving our ocean environment.

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