Freediving & Minimalism

Freediving & Minimalism

For the past several months I’ve come to see the constant deluge of awareness and information overload as a hindrance to just about everything in my life as I approach that point where I can no longer say I’m in my mid 50’s.

Simply stated, Minimalism is:

“The Disciplined Pursuit of Less”

It means less stuff, less social media, less equipment, a less complicated life, etc.

When I do either yoga or freediving, I’m stripped down to the bare essentials. For yoga, it’s my mat and my practice. While freediving, it’s my breath and efficiency in the water whether for pleasure or creating images
using only a mask, snorkel and fins (wetsuit as well if needed).

No complicated technology needed. Keeps things simple.

Matt D’Avella has an excellent YouTube channel where he discusses and espouses the benefits of a minimalist and essentialist lifestyle.

There’s something to be said for ascribing to this philosophy. It’s a contemplative choice, but as I’ve discovered, the benefits far outweigh the alternatives.

Much of the philosophy that justifies slowing down and becoming more deliberate in all aspects of life aligns with freediving and yoga.

It’s this philosophy that is one of the core paradigms for Liquid Life Freediving and living the liquid life.