Coronado Islands Mexico – Sea Lions

Coronado Islands Mexico – Sea Lions

I was shown this little oasis off the coast of Mexico via a fellow underwater photographer friend and colleague. The sheer number of Seal Lions made its perfect place to freedive and capture images and video footage in the water.

We depart each morning from San Diego Harbor for the 2 hour boat ride to the island – conditions are ideal for freediving and shooting photo’s video both from the boat and in the water.

Cost: TBD
Date: Late Summer/Early Fall 2023


  • Passport/Relevant Official identification
  • Travel and medical insurance

Liquid Life Freediving specializes in leading photography trips specifically for freedivers only.  Having been in the professional photography field for over 30 years, I have an in depth understanding of the needs for freediving content acquisition – whether it be of other freedivers or aquatic marine life.

Each trip offered will provide an experience you won’t forget.  If you have any questions about this trip, please feel free to contact me. or better yet, sign up for my newsletter to keep you updated on all that’s happening at Liquid Life Freediving.

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